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Hi! My name is James DiNardo and I’ve established this website with the intent that it might be of some service to others in their search for peace in the outdoors.  Here I’ll do my best to relate some of the experiences I’ve had on my wanderings - not out of any sense of pride in the accomplishment at all, but so that any visitors might be able to get an idea of what it’s like to visit these places.


AHEM… I’ve also tried to put up detailed directions. I tend to be prone to incredibly bad luck with a tinge of forgetfulness, you see, so I’ve probably made all the mistakes one can make in terms of misdirection, etc. The reader need not repeat my misadventures, although they may find great amusement in reading about some of them!


It could, however, be considered a serious goal of mine to see everyone use a couple of their days off each year, perhaps one day in the spring and one in the fall (and preferably a weekday), to de-stress in the outdoors. Maybe a picture could also be taken and saved as a screensaver – a reminder of that peaceful experience until the next time. Our world is often such an aggressive, competitive place yet these locations all offer such exceptional opportunities for solitude and peace!


The trips I cover on this site do cover a lot of ground, but that's just me.  I like to get my "money's worth" so to speak.  It really doesn't matter how far you go.  Anyone who has had the pleasure of taking a short walk through a peaceful forest will know what enormous benefits you can receive just by being out in nature a short time. I think the key is letting an appreciation of the natural beauty envelop you. Then, when you’ve reached this point you’ll likely find that your worldly cares will slowly drift away, to be replaced with that peaceful, easy feeling we all know and love and thus immersed in this tranquility I’ve found that wonderful things can happen.  Not only will you find yourself feeling fantastic both physically and mentally but it’s even possible that the answers to some of your most vexing problems will easily come to mind.  In fact, you may even find your sense of purpose in life as I may have done...


My email address is below. I welcome any comments, questions, or thoughts. Thank you for visiting my website!


Oh... And if you happen to see the goofy lookin' guy above or on the home page while you're out hiking or paddling? That might just be me! All the best of kay-ike-ing to you!






I've dedicated this site to the memory of my grandmother, Jessie Rogge, who taught me how to truly appreciate the beauty of things. “I just can’t UNDERSTAND it James!” She’d say, meaning that she could not comprehend how wonderful the Lord must be to have given us such incredible things in this world.  She saw His love everywhere too; not only in the diversity of wildlife but also in how the trees grow and even in the formations that the clouds make! Even when her health finally confined her to a chair in her apartment she still had it all in perspective. This is how I endeavor to appreciate things.