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What I’d love to just say here is:  any time!  And leave it at that.  I can’t do it though.  3 things:

Go only if you’re healthy enough.  You’ve got to be aware of your own health!  If you are not physically fit enough for these activities then you really shouldn’t go. 

If you have an injury you shouldn’t go either because that injury - even if it’s minor – could hamper you at a critical moment.  It may also distract you from noticing the hazards that may crop up on your trip.

Lastly, one of the only things that will keep me from exploring the outdoors is the weather.  If there’s a good chance of thunderstorms at any time during that particular day - especially on a day when I plan to be on the water - then I won’t go out.  I’m mostly concerned about lightning.  If there’s only a slight chance then I’ll still keep a very keen eye on the cloud formations and won’t go as far.  A consideration too is the state of trails.  I won’t go out when I know they’ll be real wet because I don’t want to mess them up.  I’ll wait a couple days after a rainstorm for them to dry out a little.